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Moving Mindfully: Somatic Exploration of Body, Effort, Shape, and Space

Austin Somatic Collective invites you to our 4 week Workshop series!

Sundays 12:30-2:00pm June 2nd- June 23

Location: Austin Belly Dance 2417 Buell Ave, Austin, TX 78757

Come experience ‘Moving Mindfully,’ a series designed to delve into the realms of Body, Effort, Shape, and Space, guided by the principles of somatic dance pedagogy and Laban Movement Analysis (LMA). We will reconnect with our body through improvisational somatic dance, conscious movements, breath, and play! So often the world requires us to move through it on autopilot, not fully sensing or aware of the inner workings and divine intellect of our own bodies. It can often leave us feeling stifled and robotic. Well, let’s change that and bring some childlike wonder and non judgmental exploration into our human bodily experience! Let’s literally shake it up and take some time to celebrate and unravel the mysteries of the body and its movement! 

We will engage with a rich vocabulary and an objective framework that empowers us to recognize movement patterns in our bodies and others. Through this exploration, we cultivate a deeper understanding of our bodies in motion, enhancing both our dynamism as a mover as well as our ability to communicate with others and navigate life more effectively. We’ll delve into the diverse ways in which the body can mold itself and extend into space and in the process uncover the unique characteristics of our own movement and learn techniques to harmonize them.

Each Sunday will focus on a different component of Laban Movement Analysis; Body (June2), Effort (June 9), Shape (June 16), Space (June 23) and will incorporate somatic improvisational dance exercises to fully embody the teachings. This series welcomes movers of all levels! Join us for an introductory journey into your body and movement through the lens of somatic dance pedagogy!

Body Workshop – June 2nd: We’ll explore the structural and physical aspects of human movement, through the study of alignment, initiation, breath support, core support, and developmental organizational movement patterns. Taking all of this into account, we will develop the skills of moving mindfully and interoception, opening up a dialogue with our bodies in order to become more present movers in all aspects of life. We will leave with an embodied understanding how the body can most effectively move through and organize itself in space.

Effort Workshop – June 9th: We’ll learn to observe and embody different qualities of movement on a deeper level, through the lens of the Laban effort scales of Space, Weight, Time, and Flow and leave with a better understanding of your own natural movement qualities and a framework in which to better objectively observe movement in our world.

Shape Workshop – June 16th: We’ll engage with the dynamic interplay between the body and its environment through analyzing and trying on different forms the body takes to uncover how movement shapes, flows, and adapts in space.

Space Workshop – June 23rd: We’ll deepen our spatial awareness by engaging in embodied explorations and guided improvisations that encourage curiosity, playfulness, and self-discovery. We will delve into the fundamental principles of spatial dynamics, investigating concepts such as proprioception, orientation, and the dimensional planes within our own kinesphere. From expansive to intricate gestures, join us as we explore the broad spectrum of movement possibilities in space so we can feel empowered to navigate life with more ease, grace, and intention.