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Somatic Facial Rejuvenation Class

This one-hour somatic practice revives and invigorates your face, head, and neck using a dynamic combination of meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, movement, and self-massage. Our practices increase oxygen, blood flow, and lymphatic detoxification to the face, head, and neck decreasing facial puffiness and leaving your skin glowing and supple. We also learn to identify musculature holding patterns, tensions, and trauma that cause deep lines, frozen expressions, or even migraines and learn how to release these and allow ourselves to move with more fluidity and ease.  Join us on this journey to cultivate a deeper connection with your facial well-being and foster a more radiant and revitalized you. 

Workshop Schedule

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Movement and Mocktails


Let’s face it the nightlife scene is just not as fun as all the hype. The reasons we did like going out, reasons like meeting new people, moving our bodies, or getting dressed up are over shadowed by the hassle of ubers, expensive drinks, drunken messes, and hungover mornings. Movement and Mocktails will be a monthly event for all levels of movers to partake in a new type of night light, one centered around healing, balance, and sustainability. Come for the fancy mocktails and movement and stay for the community building!


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