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Austin Somatic Collective

Austin Somatic Collective is a community of Somatic Movement Educators who share a deep commitment to sharing the healing and grounding practice of Somatic Movement with the community of Austin! We are a team of Somatic Movement Educators creating opportunities for movers of all levels engage with mindful movement in order to heal the body-mind connection. We’ve all met studying at the Austin Community College Somatic Movement Education Training program, and our roots run deep in this city.

Our mission is simple: to help folks reconnect with their bodies through movement, breath, and mindfulness. It’s about finding that sense of grounding and presence in our busy lives, and we’re here to support you on that journey.

Our demanding society doesn’t leave much room for us to be present in our bodies much less explore novel movement that would help to restore them. The go, go, go of every day life stresses and repetitive movements often associated with our monotonous schedules can leave our bodies feeling rigid, robotic, and depleted. The practice of Somatic Movement flips this script giving us a chance to gain invaluable insight to our own bodily experience. Through the methods of slowing down, awareness of breath, grounding, tapping into sensations and conscious movement we can develop open communication between the body and mind helping to reach a deeper sense of ease and comfort in our our skin.

Through workshops, events, and gatherings, we offer a space where you can explore and learn at your own pace. Whether you’re dealing with chronic tension, seeking a deeper connection with your body, or just looking for a welcoming community, you’ll find a home here with us.

From the humans that brought you Somatic Sundays! Meet the Austin Somatic Collective.

Meet Alice Giaccone

Alice Giaccone discovered somatic movement through her own healing journey. After years of grueling training in the aerial performance art space, her body was calling for a more grounded movement practice. She then completed Austin Community College’s 500 hour ISMETA approved Somatic Movement Education Program and The Listening Movement‘s Level 1 Certification in fascia retuning techniques. She particularly is interested in somatic movement focused on fascial release, posture realignment, lymphatic detox, nervous system regulation, and somatics for the face all in order to helps others a release the stuck energies that not longer serve them and rebuild a strong foundation for their movement practices and life in general.

Meet Meagan Lavender

Meagan Lavender is passionate about growing as a somatic practitioner and learning more about how movement can positively impact one’s physical and mental well-being. She is an international, award-winning performer and has studied a variety of dance forms and flow arts for over two decades. The essence of somatic movement has been part of her practice from the beginning, but after major life events, Meagan decided to hone in on the power of the body-mind connection. She is humbled to be a resource for you in your movement journey.

Meet Angela Jean Kaylor

Angela is a recent graduate of a 500 hour ISMETA approved Somatic Movement Education program.  She’s a licensed massage therapist with an active private practice in ATX, and has over a decade of movement, yoga, aerial dance and performance experience.  She is inspired by somatization techniques and movement that engage neuroplasticity to break habitual movement patterns, expand creativity and self expression, regulate our nervous system and stress responses, and cultivate a deeper self awareness and mind-body connection.  Her current movement practices and interests include aerial silks and harness dance, Authentic Movement, contact/dance improvisation, Body-Mind Centering and Somatic Experiencing.

Meet Ashlee Johnson

Ashlee Johnson is a student of the Somatic movement education program at ACC and has the desire to pursue new ways of thinking that promote healing the brain and the body from trauma. With this bottom-up approach, it allows the “thinking brain” to rest while the body “talks.” She is excited to connect with a group of like-minded soul searchers like herself and give the cell body, collective body, and soma a voice.

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